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commentary of the Qasidat al-Burdah, highlights the lofty status and "Ulema should read the Qasidat al-Burdah and the Shiyamul-Habeeb with respect and. QASEEDAH BURDAH. Shareef. English Translation. By. Shahid Hamid Gill. مَوْلايَ صَلِّ وَسَلِّـمْ دَائِمـاً أَبـَـدًا عَلى حَبِيْبِـكَ خَيْــرِ الْخَلْقِ كُلِّهِـمِ مُحَمَّدٌ سَـيِّدُ. Busiri, the original composer of Kasidatul Burdah in Arabic and the Swahili translator .. He translated, Sheikh Mohammed al-Azabi's Arabic Maulid into Swahili.

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Maulid Burdah Pdf

Kitab Mini by Rawi Android. Mini Book by Rawi Android. Read more. Collapse. Reviews. Review Policy. total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. HARIZ!!! March 24, App provides you to read and listen Qasidah Burdah with friendly interface. The Qasidah Burdah Application includes following features: • Simple and. بردة المديح - Burdah Almadih shared a link. March 8, · Burdah_Busairi. pdf Maulid Al Burdah: Free Download & Streaming: Internet Archive. Maulid Al .

Precise location GPS and network-based: Apps may use this to determine where you are, and may consume additional battery power. Rotordynamics Of Automotive Turbochargers Pdf D Prevent device from sleeping: Allows the app to prevent the device from going to sleep. Read phone status and identity: Allows the app to access the phone features of the device. Mungkin masih yang banyak tidak tahu bahwa Kitab Sirajut Thalibin yang mendunia, dan sangat terkenal adalah salah satu karya ulama nusantara, beliau adalah Syekh. Download our download terjemah adhiya ulami pdf viewer i anatut thalibin pdf eBooks for free and learn more about download terjemah kitab i anatut thalibin pdf. Ianatut Thalibin, Sarah Fathul Muin.

I'anatut Thalibin adalah salah satu kitab yang sering di pelajari di tiap pesantren, yang menyarahi kitab qurotu a'yn dan Fathul Mu'in. Aeropuerto de Barcelona el Prat. Como llegar adhiya ulami pdf viewer aeropuerto en tren, conexiones y horarios de tren desde cualquier punto de Barcelona y alrededores: Conoce el recorrido, los horarios y la duracin del trayecto tanto del AVE Zaragoza - Madrid como de los trenes regionales que realizan esa ruta.

Su viaje en tren de Barcelona a Madrid. Rawi Maulid Adhiya Ulami Pdf Desde Barcelona a Madrid, el tren de alta velocidad demora slo adhiya ulami pdf viewer horas y 30 minutos. Los trenes AVE son. Su viaje en tren de Madrid a Barcelona. Con los trenes a barcelona de madrid te presentamos una sencilla forma de llegar desde madrid a. Conocers de este modo los horarios, disponibilidad de trenes. Barcelona, bilbao, Cdiz, Madrid. Although the main focus of this research is religious-psychological as- pect among jamaahmajelisshalawat, it does not detach the aspect activism movement.

It will tie to sociological and anthropological aspects of majelis shalawat. Sekar Ayu Aryani more or less will be discussed, particularly to see the basic principle of majelis shalawat leaders in prioritizing certain religious practice. MajelisShalawat Ahbabul Musthofa was conducting routine gath- ering in pesantrens and mosques. He was also invited to some other countries such as Hongkong, Singapura, and Malaysia. Actually, most the shalawat lyrics are taken from three fundamen- tal shalawat books, i.

However, he has deep religious knowledge and very fluent in Arabic. He learns religious knowledge from his father and his uncle, Habib Ahmad bin Abdurrahaman Assegaf from Hadramaut.

A Global Mawlid Mixtape

By his guidance, Habib Syech grows to be very persistent person in teaching shalawat. This building is usually used to hold religious as well as social activities. Built ini , this building is big enough to be center of teaching and chant- ing shalawat. The thousands people in this place makes the authority close part of the road so the traffic is interrupted.

Many people stay for hours in front of Kanzus building, although the sun burns their skin or sometimes rain drops showering them. They keep stay on their place to wait the charis- matic HabibLuthfi, while their lips chant tahlil and shalawat. When Habib Luthfi came to give sermon people were listening enthusiastically. Be- sides giving sermon in Pekalongan, HabibLuthfi is also frequently invited to many other cities. In one occasion, he was also singing shalawat to- gether with Habib Syekh.

He passed away in second rakaatof Salat Jumat. Interview with Habib Abdullah Assegaf, October 29, November 1, He was born, November 10th, His mother is a syarifah. It is title for a woman who is descendent of the Prophet Muhammad Pbuh. Besides this tarekat lecturing, he also gives kitab kuning lecturing.

Habib Luthfi also leads a special lecture for women every Sunday morning. In many other occasions, he is frequently invited to give speech tausiyah in many cities in Indonesia.

November 12, He often invited to be speaker at seminar, workshop, symposium, and so on. He often reflects his nationalist view when giving speech in many different places in Indonesia. In front of inter-faith leaders from Christian, Hinduism, and Confucianism community, HabibLuthfi empha- sized the significance of unity among religious people of all religions in Indonesia.

He also accentuated to all religious communities to be tolerant and not force their own ideology to the other. Kyai Adib Zein, close friend of Habib Luthfi, said that many people including non-muslim give high respect to Habib Luthfi. November 15, In it development, maiyah does not refer to a group, stream, or school of thought, but essentially means togetherness to have spirit that God is always along with people. In maiyah, the musicians and singersdo not perform on the stage like common music concert, they circling in the middle of space whether indoor or outdoor.

Everyone who comes actually is the part of the perfor- mance, they can contribute as musician and singer as well, and they are not merely audiences. Everyone including musician and even the en- sembles bonds together toward God. Therefore, maiyah can also mean commitment of nation- alism, maturity on multiculturalism, wisdom on pluralism, and vanishing economic inequality. Because when some are very rich and some other too poor, it does not mean togetherness, it is notmaiyah. Maiyah is prob- ably look like a pengajian, however it different with common pengajian that teach people literally base on classic readings.

Qasida Burdah Shareef Full قصيدة البردة للإمام البوصيري

In maiyah, people are asked to be tolerant, live together, having spirit of life, and compete in goodness. Therefore, jamaahmaiyah is not only muslim, some of them non- muslim and even some multi-faith figureshave ever come to maiyah.

Every region may have different name of event for maiyah. It starts about Maiyahan tries to deconstruct understanding of values, communication patterns, cultural interaction method, education for the way of thinking, but interrupted with performing art such as music and poetry declamation. It also tries to find solution of social problems.

Cak Nun is the biggest magnet who attracts people to come. His speech is enlight- ening, actual, enjoyable, andgaul with youth sense of humour.

He was also editor of Indonesian side that published in Bangkok, Thailand. They have the most significant role in their own majelis.

In shalawat performance, they are very attractive to jamaah. October 18, The forum will not full of people if the charismatic leaders never exist.

They are super star who are always waited for their coming. Succeed to attract enormous amount of people reflects their personal enchantment.

Habib Syech, Habib Luthfi, and Cak Nun have special qualities on: charisma, depth Islamic knowledge, golden voice, and rhetoric as well as communication skill. Charisma is special thing in a person that stem from emotional trait or irrational, and over the power and ability of common people. In fact, charismatic leader usu- ally grows among traditional muslim like NU community. The power of Habib Luthfi and Habib Syech charisma can be seen at attitude jamaahto them.

Many people see them as waliyullah. Some jamaah of Habib Luthfi and Habib Syech come tongalap berkah try to get bless- ing from the Habib. As the evident, many jamaah bring mineral water in an opened bottle while listen topengajian. They hope the berkah influ- ences the water. Even, some people bring the bottle close to the Habib to have prayer from Habib.

Many of them stand for long time in a line just to have opportunity to kiss the Habib hands. The charisma power of the two habib is also because they are descendants of Rasulullah SAW. The followers acknowledge that important factor. They conduct dakwah with simple and fluent language with smart joke that make the audience laugh out loud. It is going to exaggerate when music group perform shalawat and other songs with various genre of music. It is re- flected from jamaah statement that their motivation to come to the majelisshalawat is for learning or study to enrich their religious knowl- edge.

As ulama, religious knowledge is the ab- 33 Interview with Athiful Khoiri, November 20, They will never be a great ulama if do not master religious knowledge.

Religious knowledge of Habib Syech, habib Luthfi, and Cak Nun is the result of their educational background. Habib Syech for example, while was doing his business, he learned from prominent ulama in Saudi Arabia. Similar with him, HabibLuthfi also learned from religious teach- ers in haramain Mecca and Madina. He also studied in many pesantrens. Does not much different with the two ulama, Cak Nun also got his reli- gious knowledge from pesantrens and religious based schools.

Cak Nun is also cultural figure who very active in writing. He has done many works. HabibLuthfi, although not as productive as Cak Nun, also writes some influential works. Beautiful voice and music skill None deny that the three majelis shalawat leaders are blessed with golden voice. : Mawlid Simtud Durar Compilation

Habib Syekh has very beautiful voice and able to astonishing thou- sands people. Some TV and radio stations play shalawatan songs from their albums. CDsand DVDsare also sold out in public market. Those are the evidences that their way on dakwah is acceptable for people.

Rhetoric and communication skill Habib Syech, Habib Luthfi and Cak Nun have excellent rhetoric and communication skill. Although they never conduct special course on it, such as public speaking course and so forth, they master it very well. Their speech astonished people so the audience will not move from their seats. Cak Nun, for example, has fluent rhetoric. He is a good orator. His speech is very strong and expressive. He also has goodsense of humor, so 16 Healthy-minded religious phenomenon in shalawatan Sekar Ayu Aryani the atmosphere is quiet good.

Sometime he looks like comedian, but sometimes charismatic. Smart jokes often adorn his speech. Many audi- ences laugh out loud when listen to his speech. Therefore, almost none who fall asleep when listening his speech.

A Global Mawlid Mixtape — 30 Songs of Praise in Honor of the Prophet Muhammad’s Birth ﷺ

At the late of night to very early morning, number of audience is not lessening but summing up. Although their rhetoric is not as strong as Cak Nun, they are also able to astonish people. Habib Luthfi usually calm while speaking, but touch people heart impulsively.

It is probably because his sufism approach. He is a mursyid, a great teacher in tarekat. Different with Habib Luthfi, Habib Syech gives less speech but spent much time to sing shalawat. Although only spends limited speech, he looks powerful when gives speech. Audience enthusiasm Audiences of shalawatan are not coming from a region where it takes place, many of them are from other cities.

They voluntary spend a lot of money for transportation and accommodation. Some audiences stay in a luxury hotel a night before the shalawatan event be hold. Their enthusi- asm is also expressed with their early attendance to the spot where the event takes place. They try to go as earliest as they can just to have a front seat. They ungrudgingly sit on the floor just to get closer while listen to the tausiyah sermon and chant shalawat. Sometime they neglect sun burn and rain.

Besides that, their enthusiasm is also expressed in their seriousness to chant shalawat. They sing together while raise their both hands up as expression of begging to God.

In a great performance, many audiences hoist flag of majelis shalawat. The atmosphere is not quite dif- ferent with a mega concert of big music band.

Audiences seem to be happy, joyful, and satisfied. This research find- ings about the three majelis shalawat based on healthy-mindedness charac- teristics are mentioned as follow: Optimistic and happy Body gesture for piousness is often identical with calm, lack of moving, and casting the head down.

It seems socially constructed that the high level of religiosity should be expressed in that way. In other words, cheer- ful, joyful, and happy are not expression of mature religiosity. It is differ- ent with healthy-mindedness point of view, in which happy and optimis- tic are the main features of healthy-mindedness religiosity.

Flourishing majelis dzikir with tazkiyatun nafs characteristic in s to s, escalates the method of dakwah that is characterized by sad- ness, cries, and moan of prayer. Feeling abject,be nothing in front of God, dread of afterlife and hell tortures, feeling impolitic, far from god, and so on, are the main themes of dakwahwith tazkiyatunnafs inclina- tion.

This method was very popular and won people attention, especially those who are urban and educated residences. However, people who dis- like that method were not a little. Therefore the emergence of majelis shalawat fulfills some people needs for another kind of dakwah that dif- ferent with tazkiyatun nafs trend.

Majelis shalawat is more identical with atmosphere of happiness with songs and shalawat. Sekar Ayu Aryani than self-judging, fear, and pessimistic.

During observation, phenomena of healthy-mindedness are obviously uttered by jamaah when they sing, moving they shoulders and head, along with the sound of music hadrah and Kyai Kanjeng. Happiness and free from burden are expressed on the faces of jamaah. This happiness is one of important reason that reattracts them to come over and over again to majelis shalawat. Some of them proclaim that they love the happy atmosphere.

The same phenomena happen among Jamaah of Habib Syekh, espe- cially for his fanatic fans namely Syekher Mania. According Habib Syekh, this method of dakwah is a strategy to promote Islam in a sweet way. Extrovert Extrovert personality usually characterized with openness, happy, easy to interact with others, honest, and brave to confess own fault.

Majelisshalawat and its teaching has this pattern. Extrovert character also appears in their openness to accept others. It is obviously happen in majelis shalawat Habib Syech and Cak Nun when they ask jamaah to go on the stage, to sit with him during the event.


Inside the jamaah community, extrovert character is also constructed through borderless interaction since all jamaah, no matter who they are, are positioned equally. Majelis shalawat recognizes the grey area; it does not see every problem only in black and white dichotomy option. Ability to accommo- date the weakness of other is a characteristic in majelis shalawat theology. The leader used to understand that many people in society are lay and non-expert in religious knowledge.

While, the way to lead them into brighter and enlightened people will not succeed if practicing hard and coercive method.

Therefore, the leader of majelis shalawat usually prior sympathy, humanize, and respectful ways, even to the other different perspectives.

Through this way, the first part to be attracted is the heart. When the heart already felt glad, comfort, and interested, it continues with injection of the content or religious knowledge. This process is im- possible to be conducted when the theology is rigid. Therefore every majelisshalawat prefer to use more free type of theology. The free theology is usually respect local culture and tradition. It does not against the culture frontally, but tries to color it smoothly. It does not reject influences from other cultures but screen and respond to it posi- tively.

With a free theology, people usually more inclusive and tolerant to the others. These characters already exist in majelis shalawat. No wonder if majelis shalawat seems easy to attract lay people. People do not worry and feel comfort because they believe that no blaming and judging in this majelis. They optimistic to be knowledgeable and will be guided in improving faith and goodness in their life. Conducive for the phases of religious growth Majelis shalawat becomes a very conducive garden for religious growth.

The three former characteristics—optimistic and happy, extrovert, and free theology- creates special atmosphere inside majelis shalawat. Jamaah 20 Healthy-minded religious phenomenon in shalawatan Sekar Ayu Aryani always feel welcome, no worry of blaming and judging, feel always in brotherhood and sisterhood, enjoy openness milieu, cheerful, and fun with music, poetry, shalawat, and teaching that enlightening and enter- taining.

Motivation of jamaah shalawatan Description above discusses external aspects of jamaahshalawatan. Follow- ing is explanation about internal aspects for jamaahshalawatan, particu- larly their motivation.

Motivation in this discussion includes motivation among jamaah of majelisshalawatHabibSyech, HabibLuthfi, as well asCak Nun. Religious escapism One of motivation that was found among jamaah is motivation to move depressed psychological condition into composed and happy condition. This new psychological condition may temporary occur and probably persists for long period. Temporary calm down is usually achieved when someone wanders in dzikir and shalawat. Therefore, shalawatan is merely temporary solution, just escapism.

Realizing these facts, the leader of shalawat and his team want to make sure that shalawatan is not merely temporary solution.

They add the event with more contents. They combine exciting part and tausiah sermon.

In tausiah, jamaah are usually asked to realize certain problem that probably being faced by jamaah at that time. Practically, tausiah runs as psycho- therapy with Gestalt method. Tausiah utilizes to recall problems that disturbing psychic, after that, the best solutions are offered. Play projection is a method implemented to jamaah by displaying traumatic experience that probably has been pulled to other side by jamaah.

The preacher usually tells story of apostles shahabat nabi , the saints waliyullah , and other good per- sons shalihin, habaib, asatid. Through this method, traumatic experience can be drawn to present time, without feeling judged.

By lesson learnt in the story, jamaah listen offered solution for their problems. After solu- tion are given, the preacher also givehope. The heart that full of hopesis covered by happiness through chanting shalawat.

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